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My name is Sanya. I’m currently a high school sophomore interested in art. I’m fascinated by what it represents: identity and expression. I’m an artist, a creator, and a creative thinker. I’m someone who expresses myself through visuals and art.

The inception of atChromaHex was a natural extension of my love for art and its profound impact on my sense of identity. I realized that art had become an integral part of who I am, so why not make it official with its own brand? This brand isn’t just about me; it’s a platform that allows me to extend the liberating feeling of free expression to others more efficiently.

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Latest Collection

Practice makes perfect

"Practice Makes Perfect"

– 2023



– 2023

Copy of DSC_0116

"I need to tell you something"

– 2023 

Copy of DSC_0124

"Like a cupcake"

– 2023


– 2023 


– 2023 

Copy of DSC_0110

"Now You See Me, Now You Dont"

– 2023

above the pins and needles

"Above the pins and needles"

– 2023 

What are you hiding_

"What are you hiding?"

– 2023 



ChromaHex crafts personalized custom canvases, guided by visionary artist Sanya. We turn blank canvases into immersive stories, reflecting your essence with carefully curated strokes and colors. Embrace the transformative power of custom canvas to infuse your space with vibrant soulfulness.

Skin Art

ChromaHex offers transformative body art services led by Sanya. Express yourself with temporary tattoos and skin art, capturing your essence in each design. Your body becomes a canvas for personal expression and celebration.


ChromaHex elevates modeling to an art form with Sanya’s creative guidance. Our modeling services fuse artistry and professionalism, transcending aesthetics. Whether it’s fashion, conceptual, or artistic modeling, we convey narratives, capture emotions, and inspire


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